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What's the difference between Korean food and Japanese food?

The Japanese food in the impression resembles a "cabinet nobly woman", not only be versed in is dressed up, do not have charm, and social status is uncommon, dish dish also has early "I eat Japanese meal with the eye" public praise. It seems that if there is no special party, it is rare to patronize the day meal. As a Japanese food, the taste itself is not like the western food to adapt to Beijing people, habits, this is recognized. And the price that capital consumer does not accept day meal truly, what small dish, small dish, allow you much delicate, it seems that capital diner also feels to eat not to satisfy an addiction, flower is not real benefit. As a result, Japanese restaurants are now competing fiercely on price. In addition to discounts, the buffet is the main means of promotion for Japanese restaurants. Buffet is no stranger to diners, and the buffet introduced in Japanese food can not be called "buffet" in a strict sense, which is also due to the characteristics of Japanese food itself. Buffet, the prepared food out, diners choose at will. And the main food in day meal -- sushi, sashimi, to assure fresh, must eat now do now just good; Baked goods such as tempura should not be prepared in advance. Such as this reason, the Japanese food shop launched the so-called self-help, that is, to spend a certain price, the food in the menu guests choose at will, now a la carte dishes now eat now, of course, the variety is more rich, the number of times is not limited. Such as the Japanese bridge launched more than 100 kinds of Japanese food buffet, the price of each 180 yuan or so, the United States 100 yuan buffet, chrysanthemum, pine nuts and other 68 yuan buffet. Buffet prices are different, the choice of dishes is also different, of course, the freshness of the dishes may also have some differences. As for freshness, it is the essence of Japanese cuisine. No matter how much money is spent on self-service, if the Japanese cuisine that is based on raw food and sashimi does not guarantee the freshness of food, then the owner of this Japanese cuisine store must have "greatly damaged" conscience.
Korean food: if Japanese food is like a "petite noblewoman," then Korean food is a little more brutish. Like Korean period military generals, more or less with a little spicy smell. Korean food, seasoning to be nice. The amount of food is small, but the variety is huge. Compared with the large and plain northern diet, the Seoul diet is less varied and beautiful. Many court meals were passed down to the families of the nobles, so many kinds of Seoul food are similar to court food.

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